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"Senior teachers with over 30 years at Baldwin Academy share their wealth of experience in the classroom with our students."

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Baldwin Academy is a unique educationally based childcare facility located in the heart of pacific beach in northern San Diego. For over thirty years, we have served the community by successfully providing a safe, caring,and engaging environment for the young children enrolled in our care. We are grateful to the community and to our families for their continued patronage and support over the years. For this reason, we are committed to providing a campus and program that will serve families well into the future.


At Baldwin Academy it is our earnest endeavor to provide an environment that is stimulating, age-appropriate and enjoyable, while maintaining a balance of structure and routine. Teaching children through purposeful play, exposure to academia and repetition, combined with time-proven learning methods and techniques instills the groundwork for both personal and academic excellence.


Our second goal is to consciously choose a path that will ensure a future for our children by promoting sustainability for all life on earth. Our academy chooses to find ways to limit our carbon foot print as we look for more responsible and earth friendly ways to manage our day to day needs. We are also committed to helping our children connect with nature by creating opportunities to guide them in their exploration of the natural world.


Focusing on the needs of growing children, while helping them develop a sense of wonder and respect for the natural world will support them as they grow into responsible citizens.





We are extremely proud of our academy and welcome you to review our website and visit our exceptional facility.




To schedule a tour of our academy please call (858) 270-5995 Ext 0


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