Our Staff

Our staff is a diverse group of qualified individuals who have a shared interest in early childhood education and remarkable love for children.
Accredited by California State Licensing, all of our employees have completed CPR certification and received fingerprint clearances.
Each Baldwin Academy team member has been personally selected and trained in order to meet our academy’s standards.
Our staff consists of kind, caring professional adults who are mindful of the specific physiological, academic and social growth of each child.

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Mr. Herbert, as he is affectionately known to the children, came to Baldwin Academy in 2007 and has been keeping pace with the busy childcare industry ever since. A native of Colombia, Mr. Herbert credits his family for his affinity for education. Raised amongst professors, deans and intellectual individuals, he inherited a passion for academics. “I find myself at peace while working on new projects that constructively impact the community”, he states.

As President, and member of the board of a prestigious University in his native country, he collaborates jointly with his board in guiding the academic activities of college students. Through this experience he observes a very clear correlation between a solid early education, good habit formation and the professional performance of the individual.

He greatly values qualities such as high ethical standards, a great sense of responsibility and an excellent use of common sense. As a family man, Mr. Herbert enjoys spending evenings around the dinner table with his two sons, Sebastian and Gabriel, and close friends.

On the weekend he likes to spend time working in his farm, caring for his many animals, and taking a stroll around his orchard.



Miss Darla is our wonderful director at Baldwin Academy. She oversees all our daily activities and keeps our school organized and running smoothly. She is a graduate of Mount San Antonio College and has worked at Baldwin Academy since 2008.

With more than 10 years of experience as a teacher and with two children of her own, Ms. Darla is extremely knowledgeable in the field of early childhood education. This along with her strong leadership and managerial skills makes her an excellent director! Always with a smile on her face and so optimistic, she makes everyone at Baldwin feel like part of a big family.


For more than eighteen years Mrs. Pilar has worked with our little ones in the Bluebirds and more recently with the Parakeets. You can always find her actively helping around the classroom with anything that is needed, she never stops! Her motherly ways and love for her students have greatly contributed to a warm environment in the classroom. Her abundant experience and knowledge make her a valuable asset to our academy. She is very hard working and very much loved throughout our school!



Ms. Kim is our Program Director in the Robins class and has been with us for almost four years. She has a calm demeanor and is full of kindness! Her positive attitude along with her great organizational skills help her run an excellent program where parents are constantly expressing how highly impressed they are with how much their little ones learn each day! Ms. Kim truly always gives her best.


As our Program Director in the Big Nest class, Ms. Amy diligently prepares our four and five-year-olds for kindergarten and when they venture off into elementary school, her kiddos are more than ready. Ms. Amy prepares them so well that many times schools around the community have expressed their delight in having former Baldwin students in their class! She has been with us since 2009 and has gained an excellent reputation among our families. Her creativity and innovative activities along with her passion for teaching create an environment full of fun and learning in the classroom.



Mr. Charles is our only male teacher at Baldwin and we are very fortunate to have him. His great sense of humor, enthusiasm  and ability to see the good in everything  is truly amazing.

He has been with us since 2017 and works in the Big Nest. We are very fortunate to have him as a male role model for our students at Baldwin! His charismatic ways and fun demeanor certainly attract not just the students but everyone around him.


Ms. Morgan has a great sense of humor and is always so enthusiastic. She is very creative with the little ones and definitely adds a lot of fun in the Canaries program. She is always ready to help and assist in any way possible. All the kiddos draw to her because of her enthusiasm and fun demeanor.



Ms. Rene is very creative and our students draw to her for her caring ways. Her calm demeanor is always very helpful in the classroom.

Ms. Rene’s friendly and sweet personality attracts everyone around her. You can always find her with a smile on her face and finding the joy in everything. Her little Bluebirds are very fortunate to have her as their teacher! We can definitely also say her artistic ways beautify her classroom!


Ms. Christa is a sweetheart who loves to get to know not just the kiddos she works with but everyone in the school. She is very sociable and loves to strike up conversations with all students.

She has been with us for over ten years and loves her little Parakeets! She always strives to get to know both students and families well and goes above and beyond in her communication.



Ms. Ana is a great leader in the Parakeets program. She has great communication skills and loves to come up with fun activities for her class.

Ms. Ana is always ready to lend a hand to anyone who needs it and does it whole heartedly! Having children of her own, she has such a warm heart and a great deal of experience which makes her a perfect fit for Baldwin!


Ms. Brianna is a teacher in the Bluebird classroom! Her warm personality along with her fun spirit is exactly what our little ones need. With a son of her own, she has lots of experience! The kiddos around the school love seeing her walking her little Bluebirds on the stroller all the time. Her contagious smile lights up any room!

brianna baldwin


Ms. Rosa prepares all of our delicious snacks at Baldwin. You can always find her  with a smile on her face and ready to work.


Ms. Dana is a teacher in the Big Nest program and her great sense of humor adds so much joy to her classroom! She has been in the child development field for more than five years and has children of her own which makes her an excellent teacher at Baldwin! Ms. Dana has traveled around the globe and always has so much knowledge to share and a story to go along with it. Our students learn so much from her every day!

Ms. Linda


Ms. Linda is our wonderful teacher who helps out all around the school! She is an amazing individual with a lively personality and has been in the child development field for more than ten years, both as a teacher and in administration. She is a mother of two which makes her very experienced and knowledgeable. Ms. Linda’s vivacious spirit adds so much enthusiasm and laughter to every classroom.