Welcome to the
Junior Kindergarten


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Five-year-olds are becoming imaginative and eager problem solvers, and therefore need a stimulating environment in which to learn and play. They need to use their imaginations while they explore the world in depth and then integrate what they learn in numerous activities and experiences.    Our Parrots are beginning to offer more creative strategies for how to complete tasks, craft different items, or solve more time consuming and abstract challenges. Social activities and friendships are becoming more important, and activities that involve group work and cooperation provide for optimal learning experiences at this age.   The goal for the Junior Kindergarten is to help develop self-confidence through a strong academic and a sense of stewardship for the Earth through our Gentle Earth Curriculum.  This ten-month program functions as a traditional kindergarten class for those students who may continue on to first grade or as a bridge class for those students who will attend kindergarten in the following year. 
Our Gentle Earth Curriculum provides abundant opportunities for students to explore their environment and observe the world around them.  Green Studies begin with reviews for concepts that involve water, land, and air.  Our parrots will begin to understand the concept of “Carbon Footprint” and the importance of taking care of our Earth.  The main focus of Green Studies for this group is to begin seeing themselves as Consumers; people who use the Earth to provide for their needs and wants and how to provide for those needs and wants responsibly.  Reducing, reusing, and recycling are important practices that connect to the understanding of consumerism. 
New daily schedule explained here.

Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns.  The direct line to the Parrot House is 858-775-6750.  Also, please remember that you are required by law to use your full name when you sign your child in and out of school each day.   

Please remember:

  • To notify us if your child is ill, or will be absent or late for any reason.   
  • To provide us with an extra set of clothes, and a light jacket for cooler weather.  Be sure to permanently mark each item with your child’s name.  
  • The kindergarten day ends at 2:30 and students must be picked up by 3:00 if they are not enrolled in the after school care. (Before and after-school care is provided at the Big nest- phone number 858-483-5628.
  • Our kindergarten participates in many community activities and events.  There is small fee paid at the beginning of the month to the kindergarten teacher that covers expenses for these excursions. 

Schedule and More Information