Our Families

The Kramer Family

Both of my boys started Baldwin academy at a young age, and as a single mother, I feel so fortunate to have had this wonderful place not just feel like a preschool, but part of my family. Baldwin nurtures the children’s curiosity for the natural world in the classroom, field trips outdoors, and outdoor play each day. There is creativity with arts and crafts and pretend play, all in a formatted, comprehensive, and scheduled day to day and monthly calendar. They learn how to best respect their teachers, peers, and are more then prepared for the next educational chapter.

Familia Kramer
Familia Woods

The Woods Family

Our family had two children start in the Canary class and stay through graduation in the Big Nest and we are so grateful for the experience we had. Not only did we feel they were in a safe and loving environment, but they were truly learning and developing as people. All the Baldwin teachers were truly invested in the success of our children, partnering closely with us for seamless support between school and home. Their curriculum was very intentional, reaching developmental and educational milestones in fun, engaging and creative ways to keep the learning process enjoyable. They facilitated countless themes, projects, activities, dress-up days, events and other opportunities for learning, which was amazing! All of the teachers we had worked hard to stay in-step with what was happening in our kid’s lives outside of school as well, both celebrating their successes and providing support and comfort during any challenges. Because of that investment, our kids LOVED them! We truly feel the Baldwin Academy set them up for success both academically and socially, which is exactly what you want from early education. Thank you, Baldwin, we are forever grateful!

The Strom Family

There are not enough kind things to say about Baldwin Academy. They lovingly cared for our girls from infants to kindergarten. We are so lucky to be a part of the Baldwin family!

Familia Strom

The Brooks Family

Baldwin was the first “home” away from home for our son. We feel very grateful to Baldwin for giving us the opportunity to start the upbringing of our son with them! The Baldwin staff provided guidance and support every step of the way – from the first day at drop off, to potty training, to giving us tools to work together as a team to help him become a better listener, a better sharer, an empathetic and respectful friend. His teachers, Mrs.Darla and Mr. Herbert provided great structure for our son, while always keeping a fun and very loving environment. The commitment from the school to the kids and families showed well during covid, as Baldwin was perhaps one of the only preschools that did zoom classes for the kids. We will forever hold a special place in our heart for the Baldwin family! We would not hesitate to rejoin Baldwin if another baby came our way.