Our Programs


06 Weeks to 12 Months Old Infants

Our Bluebird Infant program provides a nurturing and safe environment to make the first year of life comfortable and engaging for these precious little ones.


Routines are designed to focus on meeting each child’s individual needs for care, food, sleep, play and social interactions. The first goal for this program is to nurture trusting relationships and feelings of security and well-being.


1 Year Old Children

Our one-year-olds at Baldwin are the Parakeets! The main goal in the Parakeets program is to take your child from the arms of infancy through their toddler year and into their first social relationships. The environment in the Parakeets is warm and nurturing with continual growth through sensory learning experiences. In this classroom the Green Studies focus is WATER and these little ones begin to explore this with various sensory activities!


2 Year Old Children

Our Canaries program is designed to make our younger two-year-olds feel comfortable, safe and secure as they begin to flutter their wings of independence. These young children come to us as toddlers and leave as little people! A lot of maturity and development take place during the two-year-old time and this program is a balance of structured play, pre-academic exposure and non directed socialization activities. In this program the Green Studies focus is LAND!


2 and 3 Year Old Children

Our older two-year-olds and younger three-year-old Robins enjoy lots of structured play and academic exposure. Here they become more independent and self sufficient as they enter their Pre-K years.


The organized day for our Robins includes circle time, music and language, art, math, science and free play both inside and out. Their green Studies focus is AIR!


3 and 4 Year Old Children

Our Big Nest program is full of academic activities and a friendly environment that will establish an excellent foundation for the future. As they prepare for Kindergarten and some for Transitional Kindergarten, our older three-year-olds and four-year-old Big Nesters participate in specific activities that expose them to language arts, mathematics, science/green studies, art, music and movement, Spanish and so much more! There is also plenty of free play both inside and out. Our Green Studies focus in this program is RECYCLING!